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House Calls

Alexandria Veterinary Clinic provides house calls which mean no more crying cats or stressed dogs in the car or on the way to the vets.

Many routine procedures such as vaccinations and health checks can be done in the comfort of your pets’ own home environment.

If your pet requires further treatment during the home visit, then we are able to transport him or her back to the clinic for any additional care or diagnostics.

Pet House Calls in Alexandria
Boarding and Day Care pets in Alexandria

Boarding and Day Care

Alexandria Veterinary Clinic’s boarding and day care facilities provide the best ‘home away from home’ for your animals. We aim to provide a relaxed, calm and peaceful stay for your pet.

Regular Monitoring

We offer the added bonus of a team of dedicated nurses and veterinarians on site who constantly observe daily activities such as appetite, drinking and general activity with regular recording of your pet’s health status.

Cat Boarding

Our catteries feature ‘cat condos’ which offer a great design for mobility and comfort.

Dog Boarding

Dogs are provided with exercise runs and separate sleeping quarters. Dogs are walked and exercised regularly during their stay.

Bookings are essential so contact Alexandria Veterinary Clinic for more information.

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Regular grooming is vital in some cases to maintain the general health as well as keeping the coat and skin of your pet in the best condition

Alexandria Veterinary Clinic grooming service includes: pet-a-cures, clipping, ear cleaning as well as flea rinses and medicated bathing.

This is a very popular service and bookings are essential.

Pet Surgery in Alexandria


We know the value of a pet to their owners and surgical procedures can be a worrying time for all those involved. At Alexandria Veterinary Clinic, our staff are trained to closely monitor your pet throughout its stay prior to, during and post operatively

Surgical Equipment

Alexandria Veterinary Clinic operating theatres are fully equipped to handle a range of procedures from neutering and other soft tissue surgery to major orthopaedic work including bone fracture repairs.

Strict Protocols

Our theatres and operating techniques employ the same rigorous standards of those in the most advanced human hospitals. Strict protocols in sterility, autoclaving and patient preparation to ensure the highest standards.

Advanced technologies

We use the most advanced anaesthetics, pulse and blood monitoring equipment and latest technologies which mean that surgical procedures are safer than ever and recovery times are much faster.

Individual Anaesthetic Strategy

Pre-anaesthetic assessment and planning are vital to the safety and comfort of your pet when undergoing a procedure. A tailored anaesthetic package will be specifically designed for your pet.

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Alexandria Veterinary Clinic is fully equipped with the latest in Veterinary diagnostic apparatus to accurately and quickly diagnose your pets condition thus allowing prompt and precise treatments.

See some of the diagnostic equipment below:

Vet Pathology Testing in Alexandria

‘In house’ Blood and Pathology Testing

Our on-site laboratory provides early detection of a problem can allow early treatment or safer anaesthesia.

Our lab can perform blood tests which can quickly & easily be performed prior to anaesthetics to identify problems that could arise and to adjust medications used for a procedure. Specific tests are used to screen for underlying diseases that cannot be picked up by a physical examination or identify diseases common to a specific breed. Blood testing can also be a significant help in monitoring the effects of certain drug therapies

Alexandria Veterinary Clinic also have access to specialised veterinary laboratories which provide essential back up for more specialised & comprehensive testing

In addition to blood testing cytology, microscopy, dermatological testing and a range of other procedures can be performed in house.

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Vet Digital Radiology in Alexandria

Digital Radiology

Radiographs allow veterinarians to look at the internal structures of your pet. Alexandria Veterinary Clinic is fitted with the latest developments in x-ray equipment. Our digital radiography suites allow superior imaging in the shortest amount of time

Taking a radiograph of your pet is a safe procedure for your pet. Often a light sedative is given to help your pet from becoming over anxious, and keep them calm and happy. Some X-rays that require animals to lie in awkward positions such as hip X-rays or after a fracture generally require a general anaesthetic.

Bones disease that may be diagnosed using radiographs include fractures, osteoarthritis, spinal problems, dislocations and bone cancer to name a few. It can also be used to monitor healing fractures, to ensure orthopaedic surgeries have been successful or to monitor bone growth in young animals.

Soft tissue structures that can be monitored by X-ray include heart enlargement, chest or lung conditions such as pneumonia or asthma, cancer, stomach or intestinal foreign bodies, kidney disease, bladder stones & constipation.

We also use radiographs are also used alongside dentistry to assess what is happening to the roots of teeth underneath the gum line. This helps us to assess which teeth are diseased and therefore need treatment or extraction.

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Vet Blood Pressure Testing in Alexandria

Blood Pressure Testing

Just as high or low blood pressure can be linked to many human illnesses, your pet’s blood pressure reading could act as a warning sign. Having the necessary blood pressure testing equipment helps us to provide accurate diagnoses and can even help us to prevent health issues before they become a problem.

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Veterinary Ultrasound in Alexandria


Ultrasonography or ultrasound examinations are becoming an essential part of veterinary medicine.

Very high frequency sound waves are emitted by a transducer placed on the body wall. Echoes reflected back from the structures in the body are picked up by the same transducer and converted to various visual patterns by computer. With the great advantages made in computer science over the last few years ultrasound machines have become highly accurate in assisting diagnosis of many conditions.

After processing by the ultrasound computer, the echoes are usually displayed on a television type monitor during the examination and may be recorded electronically as instant pictures or recorded on video tape.

The pictures can either be two dimensional (real time or B-Mode ultrasound) or show a linear pattern as in the case of heart motion (m mode). There is no discomfort for the animal during these examinations although areas of hair may have to be clipped and coupling jelly applied between the transducer and the body wall.

Many of the internal organs can be scanned including liver, kidneys, bowel, spleen etc. but two areas of increasing importance are ultrasonography for pregnancy diagnosis which can be carried out at around 30 days from mating and also cardiac examination when the actual anatomy of the heart may be evaluated to demonstrate any abnormalities in the muscular walls or the valves of the heart and in addition, accurate measurements of heart size can be made.

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Vet Electrocardiogram in Alexandria


When any irregularity of the rhythm of the heart beat is detected on clinical examination, it is not uncommon for our veterinary surgeons to suggest that an electrocardiogram (ECG recording) should be undertaken. The minutely small electrical impulses normally generated by the heart are amplified 3,000 or more times and recorded by the ECG machine.

For the examination, the dog is usually restrained in a standing or lying position and electrodes are attached to all four limbs and sometimes to the side of the chest. A jelly is applied to facilitate electrical conduction between the dog and the electrodes and sometimes small patches of hair are clipped to ensure better contact. The equipment merely records the electrical impulses from the dog and there are no unpleasant sensations nor is there any danger whatsoever to the animal.

Disturbances in heart rhythm can be a secondary complication of other diseases involving the heart or the general metabolism of your pet. An arrhythmia can cause numerous different signs from lethargy & exercise intolerance to more serious disease such as sudden death. For this reason, diagnosis of the severity & type of a pet’s arrhythmia is essential to their health

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Vet Computerised Records in Alexandria

Computerised Records

Knowing your pets veterinary history can help with current diagnosis. We have incorporated the latest veterinary practice software into our practice, allowing us to access old information or add new details in seconds. This is just one more example of the investment into your pets’ health that our clinic is willing to make. From medical equipment to information technology, we believe in offering your pet the very best in modern veterinary care.

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