How secure is your property?

No matter how secure you may think your house may be, dogs are masters of escape. And cats, well, come and go as they please. A microchip can help you have added hope if your pet goes missing. That microchip is there. This makes it much easier for us to help them find their way home.

What is a microchip

A microchip is a tiny computer chip, almost the same size as a grain of rice. The little chip has an electronic readable registration number which links the owner’s contact information and your local vet. So if a dog or cat is found without the collar or tag, we know who they are and where they belong.

When do you need to microchip?

  • Get your new puppy or kitten.
  • Start your veterinarian relationship with a check-up and vaccination.
  • Microchip!

It is that simple.

Microchips last forever

It takes two seconds. The initial cost is it. Once the microchip is placed you are done. We will do the rest. You do need to update your details if you change addresses.

You should still need a collar and tag

Your pet should always wear his or her collar and the collar should have a tag on it with your name and telephone number. Your pet may only be two houses away. An otherwise drive to the vet can change from a panicked moment to a phone call from your neighbour who may be just a short walk away. It is important to do both so that you are set up to reunite your family.

Dogs and microchips

Although not something we like to think about, some dogs do not get reunited. Microchipping isn’t a guarantee but, it does make it a lot easier.

Cats and microchips

Many cats are indoor cats. Many like to wander the streets. We all know those cats that come around in a day, two or even occasionally. Finding their home may be reuniting a family. A microchip may be that help.