Pet food should be:

  • Tasty
  • Nutritious
  • Healthy
  • Easy to digest
  • Age appropriate
  • Size appropriate
  • Affordable for you.

Pet diet and budget

It can be expensive owning a pet. Especially when young, puppies and kittens need to eat the right food. As they grow older, they need sensible diets. And when they are ageing, they need specialist food. There are many brands on the market, some more expensive than others. If you do have budgetary constraints, talk to your vet. They are not going to judge you for not buying the most expensive brand, and all vets will keep a variety of brands, ranging from low to high in price. Each brand will have its own merits.

How much to feed

Follow the instructions on the food bag and ask your vet any time you feel unsure. You may think you are feeding too little because your dog eats his food so quickly and still expects you to share your dinner. Read the portion instructions on the side of the bag and portion out your animal’s food according to their age and size. Also, take your animal for regular check ups. Fat dogs and cats are unhealthy dogs and cats, but you don’t want a skinny dog either. Your vet will weigh your dog when he or she gets vaccinated, but you should do this on a regular basis anyway.


It’s always tempting to give your dog a little bacon, of course he can finish that sausage for your, and hey, why not give him a little chocolate cake. While this sounds like fun, it is unhealthy fun. You will land up with an obese and / or sick dog (or cat) and his health will pay the price as will your vet bills. And emotions. The occasional treat is fine, but don’t overdo it. And when you do, stick to dog friendly and cat friendly treats.

How do I know when to give my pet less or more food

Talk to your vet. They know animals better than anyone and will tell you when to move from two meals a day to one meal to day, from soft food to dry food, when to give a mix, or when to change brand. The ultimate goal is for a healthy and happy pet. Feed it right, play with it right, and look after it right, and you’re both going to be just fine!